According to ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and NEN 7510, an organisation must carry out internal audits of the operation of its management system. To ensure that the audits are sufficiently secured, they must be part of an audit programme (already present).

First of all, an audit programme must be drawn up. If one is already present, we carry out a check on the audit programme to determine whether it meets the requirements of the standard. If it is not yet present, we draw up the programme together with the organisation.

The internal audits are then planned on the basis of the audit programme. During the audits, we check whether the management system corresponds to the requirements of the standard and any self-imposed requirements. In addition, an assessment is made as to whether the system has been implemented and maintained effectively.

A report is drawn up on the results of the audit. This report is then discussed and the necessary action points are explained. These action points must be carried out by the Security Officer.

The results of the internal audit, the resulting action points and the progress of these must be reported in the management review.

  • Quick scan

    A quick scan is a way of researching in which only one or two easily measurable subjects are addressed. You decide which question you want answered and together we determine the type of quick scan that fits your question.

  • Practice audit

    Your certification will begin shortly. Are you ready? With a surveillance audit you can find out if your management system is ready for certification. We check whether the mandatory documents are present and complete, after which the organisation is prepared for what is officially called a phase 2 audit.

  • Internal audit

    You can also outsource the internal audits you have to perform as a certified organisation. Take advantage of the proficiency of experienced lead auditors to examine your management system. Together, we determine whether the internal audit should be a process audit, system audit, product audit or chain audit.

  • Solving a problem

    Do you have a problem with your management system? Is it inefficient? Do you not have an integrated management system? Let an independent expert auditor examine your management system so that you can be informed as comprehensively as possible and then make the right decisions.

As a lead auditor who certifies organisations myself, I know better than anyone what auditors look for. Answering your questions, checking compliance and giving you insight into the effectiveness of your management system are important. But also having conversations in a pleasant atmosphere and adding value outside of the audit have proven to have an additional benefit.