Implementing information security

Olthof Support

  • My name is Lodewijk Olthof of consultancy firm Olthof Support. For the past 9 years I have worked as a Security Officer for various organisations, including housing corporations and hospitals. In addition, I am Lead Auditor Information Security and Quality Management at DEKRA and Kiwa.

    Standards, environments and customer requirements are constantly changing. In order to cope with this, an organisation must constantly adapt. The organisation's management system must therefore not only fit in with the organisation, but must also be flexible. In addition, it must of course be useful and practical.

  • Auditing

    I have been auditing since 2008. There are many different types of audits.

    We distinguish between internal and external audits, for example.

    An audit can focus on the entire organisation, but it can also scrutinise a part or a subject within an organisation. We distinguish, for example, between financial auditing, information auditing, IT auditing and quality auditing.

    For certification of the management system, I am hired by various certifying institutions for the standards ISO 9001. ISO 27001 and NEN 7510. For all these standards, I can also carry out internal audits, trial audits, test audits or measurements.

  • Support

    Olthof Support specialises, among other things, in supervising the implementation of a management system for quality and information security. This is something your employees do not do every day. An independent consultant who can guard you from the pitfalls and risks when implementing a management system is therefore no luxury.

    Olthof Support has the specific knowledge and experience necessary to bring the information security of an organisation to the right level. Whether it is about the technology, the processes and their implementation or increasing the awareness of your employees.