Obtain, keep or maintain a certificate? Do you want to structurally improve the quality of your products or services? Or do you want to improve the safety situation and health of your employees? Or is it a future client who asks for a specific certificate? Get in touch for my expert advice on certification.

  • Get a certificat

    Are you the entrepreneur who misses out on assignments and turnover because you cannot submit the requested certificate to your future client?

    An ISO 9001, ISO 27001, NEN 7510 or AVG certificate may be required for a potential client to perform a job. In order to obtain such a certificate, it is often necessary to set up a manual, or a digital management system, in which all the processes of the organization are described and risks and opportunities are considered. This also makes it a handy reference for the onboarding of new employees.

    I set up a digital management system together with you and your team. This system describes how your company and your people work. All requirements from the standard are also incorporated, so that you are ready for certification.

    I support you with maintenance, by jointly turning observations into improvements and working towards successful audits. The result is a management system with added value that leads to greater efficiency, greater customer satisfaction, higher turnover and a life among the staff.

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  • Maintain certificate

    You want to get up-to-date information from the management system throughout the year. This allows you to manage changing customer requirements in a timely manner and you are prepared for the annual external audit without stress.

    You already have a certified management system (for example for the ISO 9001 quality standard or the ISO 27001 security standard), but the annual maintenance is a major challenge because you lack knowledge or time.

    Do you also see your internal audits as an obligation associated with your certificate. I can help by implementing this, where we jointly focus on attention-requiring risky processes. In this way, the audits provide opportunities to improve, with a more effective working method, and increase customer satisfaction and thus revenue.

    Then choose my monthly support. I visit you periodically and take the work off your hands.

    So can I:

    • tackle bottlenecks through internal audits
    • update amended laws and regulations
    • carry out transitions for new standards
    • test business processes against current events

    This prepares you for the upcoming visit of the external audit and you benefit from up-to-date management information.

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